Some Sneak Peeks of Our Bangkok Trip….


We were in Bangkok last week for a little getaway.
We had planned it for a year but kept on postponing it due to work commitment.
Right after Bangkok, I went to Terengganu for work for 3 days :(
I still feel so exhausted.

Anyway, I will share my trip stories here soon.
The best part of the trip was, of course the food.
In total, we went to 4 buffets  😛
Here are some pics for my upcoming posts.
Went to 2 Wats.
A sharks swimming in Siam Ocean World.
Sky view from our hotel (Pratunam Princess).
Stuffed ourselves silly
I bought 3 pairs of shoes in Chatuchak Market.
One of the highlights during the trip was meeting Faizal Tahir’s doppelganger in this little but cozy BBQ buffet place.

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