Vivo, Berjaya Times Square

I was going through some files in my laptop when I found these photos which taken way back in October 2012.
I guess at that time, I didn’t plan to blog about the food we ate there.
But looking at the photos now, I realise I must write something about it.
Vivo holds a special place for us because BF and I had our first date here.
Things were really awkward and we both tried our best to keep conversations going.
It’s so funny and cute.
After almost 3 years together, we are still going strong.
Very happy and so in love.
Now back to Vivo.
Food here were just average for us though I liked that they have many varieties of Italian cuisine.
You will not be short of choices.
We didn’t order pizza on that day. I heard their pizzas are not too bad.
So vivo means to live in Latin.
Now I know 🙂
We only ordered iced water.
I have never fancy eating baked rice. Not sure why.
You can change the type of pasta that you want.
Just tell your waiter/ waitress your preference.
Ocean Discovery looks good.
Carbonara Spaghetti (RM18.80+)
Simple yet creamy carbonara with lots of shitake mushrooms.
Creamy Mushroom (RM12.80+)
Spaghetti with shitake mushrooms in thick, creamy tomato sauce.
I ordered the very same thing on our first date 😛
Just for old times’ sake.
BBQ Wings (RM11.90+)
Just average.
BF must have chicken in all his meals.

Berjaya Times Square
LG 68, Lower Ground Floor,
Berjaya Times Square
Kuala Lumpur



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