Carnaval Churrascaria, Damansara Jaya


We got to know about this place after watching Razif on Best In The World (absolutely love that show. Will there be Season 3?) stuffing himself with delicious looking meat at this all-you-can-eat barbeque restaurant.
BF (being a meat lover) and I wasted no time searching for the place.
It was a bit tricky as both of us weren’t familiar with Damansara Jaya while Waze took us round and round the block.
After some efforts and special night vision, we finally found the place.
And yes, we were hungry for meat 😛


We were so glad to see this signboard after nearly 30 minutes of pusing-pusing.There are 2 buffet options: Eat only things from the salad bar and no barbeque meat (Light Meal: RM33.00++) or enjoy unlimited meat and salad bar (Full Meal: RM65.00++).
Drinks are not included.
You will get mint sauce and capsicum+tomato+onions sauce to go with your meat.
The salad bar.
You will get a few selections of salad, fried noodles, white rice etc.
I usually go for my favourite potato salad, coleslaw and deep fried brinjal.
On the bottom right is the deep fried, thinly sliced brinjal.


They also served rice for those who can’t go without having some rice.


All you have to do to enjoy your barbeque meat is just to sit back and wait at your table.
The restaurant servers would come with the meat (and a big knife) and offer the meat to you.
If you want it, just use your penyepit (tongs) to take the meat and put it in your plate.
The items are not only limited to meat.
They have this delicious garlic bread which is a must have for us.
Here in my plate, there were the garlic bread, barbequed dory fish and beef.
This is the grilled chicken.
Sorry for the lack of photos.
Anyway, do go for their garlic beef and lamb.
They are seriously good and the best part is you get to eat as much as you want.
Another must-eat item is the grilled pineapple.
Caramelised, sweet tasting pineapple.
Certainly helps to reduce the ‘jelakness’ after eating so much of meat.

This place has become our favourite buffet place.
The service is excellent too.
Thanks to Razif (oi! when’s your next season coming???!!! can’t wait to see you pig out) for introducing us to this makan place.

Do call in for reservation if you’re coming in large group.

** New photos added after last night’s dinner. **
** Please note that the price for Full Meal has increased (again!) to RM67.00++.**
After I have blogged about this place yesterday, BF decided to have the meat buffet again.
We were there very early, at around 5.30pm and sat in the car till it’s opened….hehe.
We were the first customers and remained so for about 30 minutes.
It was a good experience as the staff kept on bringing the food to us and gave us the full attention.
Garlic lamb.
Tender and full of flavours.
Garlic bread and chicken sausage.
Chicken ham, grilled chicken wing and beef.
The chicken wing was extra delicious last night.
We both had nearly 10 wings.
Grilled pineapple, beef and lamb chop.
Didn’t eat much of the pineapple last night.
The lamb chop was excellent. Well marinated and tasty.
I had a few helpings of chicken ham.
Grilled chicken gizzards.


I couldn’t get a good shot of the server with his skewer and knife.
Use your tongs to grab the meat while the server are slicing it.


On a side note, there’s one staff here who is really attentive and hardworking.
He often goes around to each table to ensure your glass of water is always full and would ask the customers if everything is good or if you want Tabasco sauce with your food.
We didn’t ask for this uncle’s name but he looks very much like Mr. David Bala of the Singaporean movie, Ghosts Must Be Crazy.
So if you see him, please say hi to him  :)
David Bala.
Carnaval Churrascaria
77, Jalan SS22/19,
Damansara Jaya,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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