Gogung Fusion Restaurant, Mid Valley Gardens



The restaurant is managed by Koryo-Won which is the same Korean restaurant located in KLCC.
Even so, I think it’s better to have its own restaurant name on the menu.
We opted not to have the tongue grilled on our table.
So the staff did it on another table.
It was almost 6.00pm. Guess that is why it was still empty.
The interiors were quite impressive.
All ready to enjoy the food.
The banchans of the day.
Wasn’t really impressed with them.
They’re refillable for free though.
The rice was included in the Gal Bi Tang set.



Gal Bi Tang (RM30.00++)
Short ribs beef soup.
It was alright.
Serving size was just enough for two person.
I love how tender the beef was. Falls easily from its bone.
So Hyu Kui (RM59.00++)
Grilled beef tongue.
I didn’t try it.
BF said it was good.
Perfectly done.
However, I thought it was quite expensive.

Gogung Fusion Restaurant (by Koryo-Won)
The Gardens, Mid Valley.


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