Restoran Bilal, Jalan TAR

After a long, long hiatus, I’m back 🙂
Been busy for the past two months due to work commitment.
I really missed blogging during that period.
About a month ago, I had my lunch with BF at Restoran Bilal, Jalan TAR.
It is an old and established restaurant with specialty in Nasi Briyani.
I heard it will be packed during lunch hours, filled with office staff who are working nearby.
Their menu which was displayed outside the shop.
More food on the menu.
You could ask them to cater for your wedding kenduri too…hehe.
You can eat here on the second floor if there’s no empty table downstairs.
We ordered 2 plates of Nasi Briyani Ayam.
RM10.00 per plate
I opted for Ayam Kurma instead of fried chicken.


The briyani rice was not oily. It was good.
Normal rice was used instead of Basmati rice.
This was our third plate of Nasi Briyani Ayam  😛
This time, we asked the waiter to put the kuah and chicken in a separate place.
We wouldn’t mind coming to this place again.

Restoran Bilal
37, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman
Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Oh no, I only managed to eat there once as I shifted to another office. I wonder why they closed it down.
    I love their briyani.

    Thanks for the info, dear

  2. Hi, I'm the grandson of the late Hj M.M. Abdul Wahab, owner of Bilal Restaurant. Yes, all Bilal Rest (Seremban, Jln TAR & Jln Ampang) has been closed down. One of my uncle still runs Bilal Rest and it is located at Jln Ampang where Federal Bakery used to be. Opposite the old Stan Chart Bank.However, the food quality isn't that good anymore.It is quite sad to see Bilal Rest now compared to its good glory days.
    I have plans in mind and intend to take over the business one day.InshaAllah. Rejuvenate the business and bring back the glory days of Bilal Rest.
    Please doa for me and InshaAllah, if things materialize, Bilal Rest will be back 🙂

  3. Salam. Zahir Rihaz,SubhaanAllah,your grandpa's briyani is one of those things in my life of this world that is truly unforgettable! My Du'aa(prayer) that Allah SWT the most merciful will facilitate all efforts on your part to revive it, InshaaAllah, bi ith nillah!

    God bless him & all of you!


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