Charms Cafe, One Utama

My craving for curry noodles took me to Charms Cafe in One Utama.
I have never been here but I have heard so much about this place, mostly positive reviews.
Plus you can sit on a swing while eating your rojak and cendol  😛
When I reached there, all swings were occupied…*sob sob*
So I went inside the cafe and placed my order.
The lady owner took my order. She was chatting happily with her helpers.
Friendly with the customers too.
Curry Laksa (RM11.90+)
Besides noddles, there were lots of ingredients such as tau fu pok, bean sprouts, fish cakes, chicken, fish balls, long beans etc. You can choose to have yellow noodles, kuey teow or rice vermicelli.
I chose kuey teow.
Oh yes, there were cockles in the bowl too.
nice  🙂
Overall, this curry laksa was quite good, though I would prefer the curry to be slightly thicker.
This was a tiny bit watery.
Best to eat it when it’s still hot.
Generous portion but the curry was not spicy enough for me…..for me lah, not sure for others.
Luckily there’s sambal belacan.
I could tell that this sambal was prepared very well as the chillies were blended finely and without any strong belacan smell.
My Nyonya grandmother (who is very strict when it comes to food quality and presentation) would surely approve this sambal.


Honey Lemon (RM5.90+)
It’s a bit expensive, right?
I paid RM20.00 and received my balance of 45 cents.
Food are getting more expensive now.
Perhaps it’s time for me to pull my sleeves up and tie an apron?

Charms Cafe
2nd Floor, One Utama,
Bandar Utama.


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