Chili’s Grill & Bar, KLCC

There’s almost always a queue at KLCC’s Chili’s as it is a favourite place for office workers after working hours.
We were there at 5.30pm, so the crowd has not built up yet.
Chili’s at KLCC



New menu
Mushroom Jack Fajitas (RM42.95++)
Served on a hot plate.
A little greasy to our liking.
Tomata salsa, guacamole, sour cream, cheese
Five pieces of soft, warm tortillas.
I wonder if this is refillable.
It’s wrapping time  😛
Put a little of everything on the tortilla.
(looks like there’s a face on the plate….hehe)
Roll it up like cigar.
Make sure nothing comes out from both ends.
My bantal busuk is now ready to be served  🙂
Southwestern Grilled Lamb (RM30.95++)
This was quite good.
The meat was lean, not much of fat.
The mashed potato here in Chili’s has always been my favourite.
You can opt to have it with or without the gravy.
BBQ Beef Ribs and Chicken (RM47.95++)
In the menu, it says that this dish is a combo of beef ribs and Monterey Chicken Breast.
I have no idea what Monterey Chicken Breast is (later lah i will google it) but there is a huge piece of beef bacon that wraps the chicken meat.

So I had 2 beef ribs (the meat was thick but so, so tender), a chicken breast and a bacon  🙂
Then there’s rice, corn and the perfect mashed potato (it was supposed to come with black beans, I exchanged it with potatoes.
Thoroughly enjoyed my dinner last night 🙂

New York Strip
BF polished off everything.The ribeye was cooked well done just as requested by BF. Recommended.
*Revisit Photos*
New York Strip (RM49.95++)
Flame Grilled Rib Eye (RM51.95++)
Chili’s Grill & Bar
Level 3, KLCC,
Kuala Lumpur.


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