The Chicken Rice Shop, KL Sentral

The Chicken Rice Shop (TCRS) is a halal chicken rice chain restaurants with many outlets throughout Malaysia.
Besides chicken rice, there are also a variety of noodles, vegetables and snacks.
TCRS may not serve the best chicken rice but it helps whenever I crave to have chicken rice for dinner, thanks to its strategic location in KL Sentral.
The menu
The rice.
Comes with every set meal.
A tad oily but it’s alright.
Ayam Percik Kelantan (RM15.99++ for a set meal)
Supposedly Chef Ismail’s special recipe.
The sauce is slightly sweet.
Not enough spicy for me.
We could taste the “lemakness” but we think the sauce is not ‘pekat” enough.
The chicken was tender.
Pak Choy with Oyster Sauce (part of the Ayam Percik set meal)
Stuffed Fishball Soup (RM6.90++)
I didn’t quite like it but BF loves the fishballs.
Chicken Combo – Steamed and Honey BBQ (RM11.50++ with rice)
This time they really butchered my chicken 🙁
The steamed chicken on the left was supposed to be a drumstick.
It looked disintegrated.
In terms of taste, the steamed chicken was better than the Honey BBQ as the chicken was poached well, not dry and juicy.
Honey BBQ tasted weird…I can’t seem to think of the reason.
TCRS also serves chili sauce and ginger sauce (which I love so much) to go with the meal.
Verdict: It’s okay, not the best chicken rice around though. However, I don’t mind coming here once in a while whenever I’m in KL Sentral for a plate of chicken rice and good steamed chicken.
The Chicken Rice Shop
KL Sentral.


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