Coliseum Cafe & Hotel, Jalan TAR

Prior to this visit, I have only been to Coliseum once.
It was in 2010 and I came here with my brother.
If I could recall correctly, I ordered Chicken Maryland. He chose Chicken 4 In 1.
While mine was just average, his chicken was so good.
Fast forward to 2012….
Coliseum was featured in a documentary on National Geographic Channel (or was it Discovery?).
It wasn’t a new documentary but Astro screened it recently in conjunction with the National Day.
The part when the Indian uncle speaks fluent Hainanese really caught my attention.
 He has worked in Coliseum since he was young.
He took the initiatives to learn the Hainanese dialect so that he would be able to converse with the kitchen staff who were mostly Hainanese.
It was pretty cool to see him speaks so fluently.
Established in 1921, Coliseum is located at the busy Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (Jalan TAR) and it’s opposite of Kamdar.
(It’s 91 years old…and my grandma is 90 this year…wow)
The colonial setting of the restaurant is still there.
And there’s a bar on the other room.
Going back in time
The menu
Sizzling steak is their specialty.
Ice Lemon Tea (RM5.00++)
Fried Bean Curd With Chili Sauce (RM5.50++)
Our appetiser.
It’s quite good.
I could taste the ‘lemakness’ of the bean curds.
Chicken Ala King (RM24.90++)
Chicken thigh, prawns and mushroom cooked in cream sauce. Served with fried rice.
I absolutely love this.
The fried rice was extra special….there’s crispy chicken lard (not pork because it’s a pork free restaurant) sprinkled on top.
The cream sauce was delicious and wasn’t too rich.
Grilled Australian T-Bone Steak (RM43.90++)
BF has no complaints on the steak.
The mushroom sauce was ok.
However the steak knife was very blunt. So did several other knifes.
Probably they have been using the same knifes since 1921  😛
Verdict: The food was commendable. Probably prepared by an uncle (or aunty) who has worked here before most of us were born. Most importantly, go there to experience the pre-war feel. It’s nostalgic and worth the trip.
Coliseum Cafe & Hotel
98-100, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman,
Kuala Lumpur.
03-2692 6270


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