Buka Puasa at Mosaic, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

It is less than a week until Raya.
Hope it’s not too late to share our buka puasa experience in Mosaic, Mandarin Oriental.
It’s RM108++ per pax. Heard that it’s slightly more expensive during weekends.
Best to call them for reservation as it is one of the most popular buka puasa buffet.
We were there early….around 6.30pm.
It’s still quite empty.
The staff were busy making last minute check and preparation.


There’re kuih and kurma for each table.
We didn’t taste the kuih though.
Appetiser station.
Lots of choices.
Though we only took the tauhu sumbat from here.


Drinks station.
Besides these, there’s also sirap limau which was served by waiters.
Huge, fresh oysters.
Tips: take the oysters first because later on, they refilled them with slightly tinier ones. But it was still delicious.
Assorted sushi
Indian food station.
I like the nasi briyani (not in the picture).


Over here, there’re siput sedut and nangka masak lemak.
I’m not a fan of siput sedut.
BF tasted it and he said the taste was just ok.


Dancing chickens  😛


BBQ corner.
Good stuff, especially the lamb.
Earlier, there was red snapper. Then it was refilled with salmon.
Tips: choose your meats, sausages, fish etc and get them grilled before berbuka time.
It’s the most popular station and the queue can be long.
Chinese dishes.
There’s the steamed fish on the left.


Lots of choices for dessert.
There’s even chocolate fondue.
I didn’t take a pic of it  🙁





Some photos of the food that we took on that night….








Verdict: Lots and lots of food. You will be spoilt for choice. I wish I could try them all….lol. The highlight of the night is definitely the grilled lamb. Well marinated and the meat was tender. Love the juicy oysters too. The price is a bit high but the good quality food and service made up for it.


Just a slight disappointment……we read in some blogs (the bloggers were invited to sample the buffet menu by MO) that they serve Sup Tulang Rawan and Sup Ekor. But when we were there, there were only Beef Goulash, Bubur Lambuk and fish ball soup (if I’m not mistaken). I guess those two soups were not in the buffet menu on that night. Oh well….

Mosaic, Mandarin Oriental
Kuala Lumpur
03-2179 8881


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