Hameed Nasi Kandar, KLCC



Was in KLCC for shopping recently. Didn’t know what to have for dinner. Decided to go to Signature Food Court at second floor. At least there, I know I would be spoilt for choices.
I saw a long queue at this stall. Hmmm…nasi kandar stall.
Some nasi briyani, perhaps?
Bought a piece of fried chicken for bf.


My dinner for the night.
Briyani rice, 2 helpings of stir fried cabbage and a piece of ayam madu.
No complains but I enjoyed the cabbage….hehehe.


Can’t remember the price for each item.
But I paid about RM14.00 for everything including a bottle of mineral bottle.
Hameed Nasi Kandar
2nd Floor, Signature Food Court


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